Natural Stone

We work with all types of natural stone.  Flagstone, limestone and granite are the most popular choices as they intergrade seamlessly, the perfect backdrop.


Man made stone that is either solid or permeable, used for walkways, patios and driveway.  Interlocking pavers enhances the visual appearance and functionality of outdoor spaces.  Providing a durable, low mainteance and attractive surface.

Custom Built Features

Compliment the overall design, optimize your outdoor space for both utility and appeal. We use natural stone or interlocking, welcoming with the versatility of the various patterns, to craft firepits, pizza ovens and other features for your outdoor living space.

Retaining Systems

  • Timberwood
  • Concrete
  • Armour Stone
  • Man Made Systems


Ontario boasts the most beautiful selection of  armour stone, we use this material to create sturdy barriers and retaining wall systems.  At SS we carefully source the right stone depending on the project design.  Various sizes and colors gives armour stone application versitility.  With multiple ways to craft, the possibilties are endless.

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