The Art of Landscaping

Natural Stone and Interlocking

“A meticulously designed driveway serves as the stylish introduction to a property, while curb appeal weaves a visual tapestry of inviting landscapes and architectural charm, leaving an indelible mark on first impressions.”


“Backyards, crafted for tranquility and recreation, blend nature’s beauty with functional design, offering a personal retreat for relaxation and outdoor gatherings.”

Outdoor Elements

“Outdoor spaces flourish with functional elegance, seamlessly integrating BBQ areas, Fire Pits, and outdoor kitchens, creating a haven where the joy of cooking meets the warmth of gathering, transforming backyards into inviting extensions of home.”


“Woodworking, the artisan touch in landscaping, weaves natural charm into outdoor spaces, crafting fences, pergolas, gazebos, planters, and decks from cedars and other fine woods, creating a harmonious blend of durability and aesthetic appeal that defines the soul of the landscape.”


Ontario boasts the most beautiful selection of  armour stone, we use this material to create sturdy barriers and retaining wall systems.  At SS we carefully source the right stone depending on the project design.  Various sizes and colors gives armour stone application versitility.  With multiple ways to craft, the possibilties are endless.

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