Canadian eh? The seasons can be unpredictable in Northern America, understanding the fluctuations and being prepared is crucial to proving effective snow and ice services. SS GROUP has its own fleet of trucks, skid steers, plows, and salters paired with licensed operators to get the job done right each and every time.

Snow Plowing

It involves the removal of snow from various outdoor spaces to ensure safe and accessible conditions during winter.

Plow Attachment

  1. Straight Blade Plow
  2. V-Plow
  3. Pusher Box

Plowing Equipment

  1. Plow Truck
  2. Skid Steer Loader
  3. ATV or UTV with Plow

Deicing Agent

  1. Rock Salt (Sodium Chloride)
  2. Calcium Chloride
  3. Magnesium Chloride

Snow stacking and Removal

 1. Snow Stacking: Piling snow in designated areas on the property, often done to create more space for future snow accumulation.
2. Snow Removal: Physically hauling snow away from the property to an off-site location.

Sidewalk Clearing

1. Pedestrian walkways
2. Entrances
3. Shared Common Element

Snow Hauling and Relocation

When heavy storms occur, SS GROUP mobilizes to remove and or relocate excess snow to prevent accumulation onsite.

Salting & ICE Management

Each property has it’s own requirements. When developing your salt and ice plan , we take into consideration the various types of surfaces that may require different salt applications. Safety is our number one priority. Salt is applied prior to snowfall to prevent dangerous ice formation when the temperatures drop below zero. Salt applied during the snow fall created a barrier between the road and your car that allows your tyre to grip.