Proudly servicing the GTA and surrounding areas, SS Group is equip with three convenient sized open top containers for all your disposal needs. Make the most of our convenient services for hassle-free waste management!. From mini bins to 20 Yards Bins, We’ve got you covered.




12ft long, 60” wide and 24” high

This is the smallest bin rental container we have to offer.  It is ideal for clean fill materials from smaller renovations, demolitions and landscape work.



12ft long, 77”wide and 59”high

The 14 Yard bin is often used for larger scale renovations as it can easily fit large sized items without fulling deconstructing.




14ft long, 96”wide and 60” high


This is our largest rental bin.  Great for construction and demolition projects.

What Goes In Our 4 Yard Bins

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Soil

What Goes In Our 14 Yard Bins

  • Mixed Waste
  • Garbage
  • Construction Materials

What Goes In Our 20 Yard Bins

  • Mixed Waste
  • Garbage
  • Construction Material

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Clean Fill

Clean fill constitutes materials like concrete, interlock, stones, brick, blocks, soil, grass, or asphalt. Typically, our smaller bins are exclusively available for renting when disposing of such dense materials due to their considerable weight. It’s possible to combine different types of clean fill in a single bin, and we apply a modest sorting fee ranging from $150-$250 (depending on bin size) to avoid the need for separate rentals. If non-clean fill waste is mixed with the clean fill, the entire bin is classified as mixed waste and charged accordingly.

Mixed Waste

Mixed waste encompasses any garbage that doesn’t fall under the category of clean fill. This includes waste generated from home renovations, construction, and other projects like failed backyard man-cave endeavours. Surprisingly, a significant portion of this waste can be recycled or reused nowadays. Organic and biological waste, such as household green bin waste, is not considered mixed waste. In case such waste is found in the disposal bin, a sorting fee will be applied.

Hazardous Waste

We do not accept any hazardous waste in our disposal bins. Items like cylinders, paint, batteries, aerosol cans, and tires fall under the category of hazardous waste and are not suitable for disposal in our bins.