Demolition and Excavation

We prepare your site , using both manual and mechanical methods. SS Group will create the necessary space for construction to begin. Taking special care to minimize the effect of disturbances to the surrounding environment by maintaining cleanliness and always adhering to local guidelines.


Excavation involves the removal of soil using machinery and tools to perform subterranean digging for footings, basements, underground utilities and parking lots. SS Group has been a prominent provider of excavation services for projects of all scales, boasting over three decades of experience. Recognizing that excavation and grading form the cornerstone of site development, we specialize in Custom Home Excavation, Residential Excavation, Commercial Excavation, Landfill and Final Grading. Our commitment extends to environmentally responsible practices, ensuring the removal of fill and debris while upholding stringent safety standards.

As a professional excavation contractor, SS Group excels in various commercial and residential excavation endeavors, leveraging our skilled resources to deliver exceptional results. Irrespective of project size or budget constraints, our comprehensive approach, bolstered by internal expertise and a diverse fleet of equipment and trucks, ensures timely and cost-effective completion.

Excavation services offered by SS GROUP

Custom Home Excavation

Tailored excavation services designed to meet the unique requirements of individual residential properties, ensuring a solid foundation for custom-built homes.

Residential Excavation

Specialized excavation solutions for residential areas, addressing the specific needs of housing projects with a focus on safety and efficiency.

Sub-division Excavation

Excavation services geared towards sub-divided land, facilitating the development of multiple properties within a single site through precise and strategic earthmoving.

 Commercial Excavation

Targeted excavation expertise for commercial projects, supporting the development of business properties with a keen emphasis on timely and cost-effective solutions.


Structural reinforcement through excavation, stabilizing foundations and structures to enhance their strength and longevity, commonly employed in renovation and construction projects.



SS Group offers comprehensive and targeted demolition services catering to a diverse clientele, including residential, industrial, institutional, governmental, and commercial sectors.

At SS Group, our adept team comprises skilled engineers, estimators, project managers, and trained personnel proficient in demolition, decommissioning, and stringent health and safety protocols. Taking a proactive environmental stance, we prioritize risk management and ensure a secure worksite. Our commitment is to surpass client expectations, consistently delivering projects punctually and within budget. With a service-oriented ethos, we’ve fostered enduring relationships with repeat clients since our inception.

Our tailored approach extends to both small residences and large industrial structures, as we conduct thorough site assessments to discern unique challenges and requirements before commencing any project.

Demolition Services provide by SS GROUP

 Tailored Home Demolition

Precision-focused demolition services designed to meet the unique requirements of residential properties, ensuring careful dismantling and removal.

Residential Demolition

Comprehensive demolition solutions for residential structures, characterized by a methodical approach that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and responsible debris disposal.

Commercial Demolition

Strategic and efficient demolition services catering to commercial properties, emphasizing minimal disruption while adhering to safety standards and project timelines.

Industrial Demolition

Specialized demolition expertise for industrial structures, addressing the complexities of large-scale projects with a focus on safety, precision, and environmentally conscious debris management.

Efficient Removal of Fill and Debris

Streamlined and environmentally responsible processes for the removal of fill and debris, ensuring a clean and clear site post-demolition, promoting sustainability and adherence to waste management standards.

Demolition is executed with utmost safety in mind.  Trust SS Group to perform your deconstruction needs with efficiency and presicion. We follows the guidelines and regualtions according to the city we are working in.