Property Maintenance



SS Group provides seasonal maintenance to the GTA and surrounding areas.    When a prospective client visits your property, its upkeep plays a vital role. We know the Canadian climate and the importance of immaculately groomed grounds through out it’s four seasons. In preparation for the fall and winter seasons, SS GROUP provides two main clean ups.

In Spring our services include and are not limited to:

  • Opening and testing irrigation systems
  • Dead branch clearing and removal
  • Blowing of leaves and raking
  • Cultivation of flower beds
  • Annual Planting
  • Edging and trimming
  • Power washing entrances and walkways

In Fall, we include the winterization of irrigation systems, wrapping shrubs in burlap and trimming grasses.  Ask us about our stump grinding and removal service.


Canadian eh? The seasons can be unpredictable and extremely temperamental in Northern America.  Understanding the fluctuations and being prepared is crucial to providing effective service.  Snow can be problematic when heavy systems blow in, keeping the common elements (walkways, entrances, ramps) cleared, prevents slip and falls and encourages functionality. Our crews are on stand by, ready to dispatch on a moments notice. Carefully monitoring the weather systems regularly, the safety of your property and its surrounding, is our priority.  As each property has its own requirements, after an initial site visit, a comprehensive service package will be customized for you.

We have our own fleet of trucks with plows and salters for removal on main roads and driveways.

Our skid steers navigate those tight areas and corners, used for snow relocation onsite.

At times the snow accumulates, when there is minimal room onsite, we will physically haul the snow away to an off site location.




Beginning a landscape construction project may seem overwhelming. Working with the SS team, the process will be broken down step by step.  Listening to our clients needs  is important part to delivering a product they will be happy with. Rejuvenate backyards by updating fences and decks.  Increase property value by installing interlocking walkways.  Modernize the visual appeal with the addition or replacement of sod. We also work on the bones of your building, repairing cracks in foundational concrete or walls and various masonry/stone work. Other services include but are not limited to: retaining wall systems, siding replacement, sill capping and creation of additional/accessible parking.


Ontario boasts the most beautiful selection of  armour stone, we use this material to create sturdy barriers and retaining wall systems.  At SS we carefully source the right stone depending on the project design.  Various sizes and colors gives armour stone application versitility.  With multiple ways to craft, the possibilties are endless.

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