New Custom - Built Homes

Building a new home can be overwhelming.  With the right supports in place, this can be an enjoyable transition.  There is nothing more exciting than seeing your vision come to life.  Custom building your own home will be a rewarding journey that you will enoy for years to come.

Build From the Ground up


The majority of projects start with demolition, whether you are removing an exisiting structure, or excavating that newly purchased plot of land.


Once the dust has settled, get off to the perfect start to your porject with a solid foundation. It is crucial to your build, that the foundation is solid and properly formed.

Framing and Roofing

After the foundation is firmly set, your structure is ready to rise.  Framing is the skeleton of your home, it shapes your new creation.


We ensure the elements that keep your water warm, cool your air and power your lights are all done safely, to code and by licensed professionals.


A properly insulated house goes a long way inyour over all day to day comfort. Proper insulation will keep your home at a consistent temperature.  Regulation of air creates energy efficiency that will save you on your energy bills for years to come.

Dry Wall and Taping

Drywall, corner beads, tape, mud and plaster are the first steps to your finished product.  During this stage, your rooms start to take shape. Think paint colours, because that is what comes next in the finishing stage.

Exterior Brick-Stucco-Vinyl Siding

The exterior of your house creates that inviting curb appeal on the outside while protecting all that is inside.

Interior Finishes

The true design of your new home is now ready to shine.  Hand selected tiles, laid perfectly on your floor, the custom cabinetry, all manufactured specifically for your space.